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Lay Report #2

Real TS Encounters

Lay Report #2


Hey, what’s up! So I’m writing to you on Sunday afternoon. I had another TS Encounter last night, well early morning really. This girl I also met off Craigslist. As usual I’ll try to weave some information/teaching into the story which will hopefully help you with your meet ups as well!

So it was a little before 1 am Saturday night into Sunday morning. Weekends (Fri, Sat, Sun) tend to be pretty good as far as girls posting on Craigslist looking to meet up. So there were a couple of decent ads that I was responding to.

I usually like to send a lot of emails out, just because I don’t always get responses. However last night most of the messages I sent got responded to, which creates a potential dilemma (more on that shortly). My email template for last night was as follows:

“Hey, nice pics.. I attached mine.. Let me know if you're interested.. I can meet right now.”

It seemed to work pretty well last night. Your more than welcome to simply copy and paste those exact words and use it for yourself. Although if you’re in the New York area and too many people start doing that it could get weird, but whatever.. lol.

As far as pictures, last night I decided to use the same sequence over and over. My second best shirtless pic, my best cock pic, and my first best shirtless (in that order). Between the message and picture sequence I received a pretty satisfactory response.

So around 1 am I got a response from a really sexy girl. Blonde, columbian, seemed like she was really in the mood to have fun. She was in Queens (I’m from Long Island), about 35 minutes away. It’s already 1am, but fuck it I’ve met girls way later than that before so whatever.

She starts to chat through email but I quickly cut her off and tell her to text me and give her my number. This is very important. You want to get the girls number as soon as possible. It turns out that girl got 200 email responses last night (which she showed me later) and realistically, I was probably moments away from getting lost in the shuffle. By getting her number it draws out a bigger commitment on her part, and she is more likely to stay engaged with you all the way until the meet up.

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