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Lap Dance For Cash

I had a next door neighbor that loved doing favors for me with the hope that I would return his favors with my affection. He was an older, fat, and someone I would ever deal with but desperate times call for desperate measures.

I walked over to his apartment that was next to mine and knocked on the door. I dressed in a plaid mini, pink t-shirt, my hair in a pony-tail, pink Cubs hat, white socks and pink sneakers. He answered and I took a deep breath and said hey Max, it’s me in a girly voice. He looked at me with a dirty smile and invited me in. His apartment looked just like I imagined, dirty, unclean, dirty plates and bowls on the table; and the curtains where closed on a nice sunny day. He asked “So, what brings you my way sweetheart?” I told Max I was a bit short on cash and needed a short loan. I promised to pay him back by Friday. He asked me how much I needed then pulled a wad of cash out a cookie jar on a shelf. After almost coughing up a lung he told me to take what I needed, and don’t worry about paying it back. All he wanted was a simple bare-bottom lap dance. I groaned inside but bills were due.

I removed my cotton panties from under my dress and told Max to sit on the Lazy-boy chair. I found a radio and turned in to a pop station. Getting into the groove of the music I tossed off my hat, turned my back to him and danced to the beat. I felt his hand on my ass, but when I started to twerk the hand was gone. Next I got low and started popping my ass. Each time my ass popped my skirt flew up revealing my huge brown ass and balls. Still not wanting to look at this filthy man I kept my back to him as I danced. Finally, it was time to the lap dance. I slowly gyrated down to his lap, but felt the sharp spikes of his zipper on my ass. I quickly looked down to see Max had his fly undone and his dirty old cock was standing at attention. “Bring that fat ass to papa” he cloaked out. I looked at the pile of money on the table, sat on his lap and grinded away. I felt his cock getting hard under my ass and balls. As I was grinding in his lap, he was grinding back and holding me tight by the waist. He wanted his money’s worth and I was giving it to him.

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