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Ladyboys are better than real girls – I am The Best

Today let us get to know on why you should go for a transsexual or transsensual shemale Ladyboy.

I am a Ladyboy too in Sri Lanka who travels locally and across the globe as Asian shemales have a big demand in the international arena. Not only men, but also women love me a lot and couples are happy to have fun with me to explore new ideas. Here we go with the points why ladyboys are best.

Ladyboys are sexier than girls as they put so much effort in beauty, figure maintaining and all other ways to please a man. Their sincerity to their body and mind makes them sexy with their looks. Especially if you are a virgin boy or virgin girl and want to try your first experience then only a Ladyboy will be a best choice for you to help you out and give that memorable first experience in life. I hope you agree that I am sexier than a real girl.

Fun to be with
Ladyboys are very fun to interact with and the reason behind their popularity. They are true to their feelings and not drama like girls. Most of them are very open minded in talks and discussions. Their likes are similar to others interests and love to dance too. Their sexy dance moves makes men steam in fire. Most of them have good voices and can sing well. People who had met me will agree how it was fun being with me.

Knows how to make a man happy
Actually a Ladyboy can perform to your utmost satisfaction in bed. A man can have the best sex with a Ladyboy. Honestly ladyboys can give the best deep throat blowjob and satisfy all your sexual desire. The statistics around the world say that men having sex with a Ladyboy are 200% satisfied than of a girl in bed. I am a pro in Deep Throat Sucking and this ability adds on to my talent.

Ladyboys are very famous than girls and you will be identified if you are with a Ladyboy. In Sri Lanka may be its very uncommon but all across Europe and Asia like Thailand and Philippines; ladyboys are welcome in prestige and high demand. USA too is increasing in the number of ladyboys everyday. My fame in the city as Ashee Sierra is known everywhere and most of them dream to meet me somehow.

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