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Ladyboy Surprise - Part 1

It has been many years now, but I can't seem to forget what happened to me. I was as a young seaman in the Navy. I still wake up at night rock hard thinking about it! I am happily married now to a good woman and have a few kids, but I can't get this image out of my mind.

We had been out to sea for a couple of months and everyone onboard my destroyer was looking forward to a little time off. The Captain announced that we were going to Phuket (Thailand) for a week of R & R. I had never been to Thailand before but was certainly looking forward to it! I had heard all the stories of the willing young girls and the free booze. I had a wad of cash in my locker and I was itching to spend it!

The old timers were telling sea stories of the wonders of Thailand. One old grizzled sea dog looked at me and said "Son, watch out for Soi Crocodile!" I asked him what that was but he just grinned and said "sometimes in Thailand the best looking women ain't." The raucous conversation continued and I forgot his remark. We pulled in the early the next morning and I was on one of the first boats ashore.

I went with my mates and started hitting all the open air bars down the streets, called Soi's in Thailand, drinking one or two beers in each before moving on. It was pretty dead at 10 am, but the girls were waking up and heading out to greet the sailors from the ship. It had been a while since a ship had come through so the girls smelled money and came flocking.

My two mates quickly hooked up with a couple of Thai beauties and left me on my own at a bar. But I wasn't going to grab the first female I met. I headed down the road and came to rest at an open air bar with a couple of really stunning women at sitting around playing connect four. There were no other people at the bar and I couldn't believe my luck! Two stunners by themselves and no competition in sight!

I sat at the bar an ordered a beer. One of the lovely ladies eyed me and slid over to a stool next to me.

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