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Lady In The House Ch. 10

A story by MicheleNylons (The finale, what will happen to our transvestite prostitute?)

Michele decided to throw caution to the wind and to try to satisfy Davey to the best of her recently learned abilities. She dropped to her knees besides the bed and slowly eased down the zipper on Davey's fly.

"What are you doing you naughty girl?" Davey joked.

"I'm just reciprocating the pleasure you gave me," she smiled, and dipped her hand inside his jeans.

Davey smiled back and watched Michele's painted fingernails disappear inside his fly and gently take hold of his thickening member. Michele eased his penis out of his flies and looked at it intently. It was beautiful. It was long but not too thick, a pleasant tanned shaft with dark pink glans. There were no scars or blemishes to be seen. She stroked it gently, bringing the tumescent member to full rigidity.

"You are one very naughty school girl," Davey groaned, and closed his eyes and relaxed, content to let Michele have control of the situation.

Michele found this empowering. Most of the men she had had sex with in Chelmsford had forced themselves on her or forced her into capitulating. Even when she had been playing a dominant role with the Warden she was not really in control. Davey was showing her the utmost trust by just lying there and allowing her to take charge of situation. She found she genuinely wanted to please him.

Michele stroked and caressed Davey's engorged member, sometimes slow and gentle, sometimes hard and fast. Davey expressed his appreciation with a contented smile on his face and with occasional moans of pleasure. He reached out and caressed her face with his fingers. Michele drew one of his fingers into her mouth and sucked on it; twisting her tongue around the digit.

Davey put his hand under Michele's chin and gently bought her face to his. He looked longingly into her eyes and said,

"You are truly beautiful Michele," and then bought her mouth to his and kissed her tenderly.

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