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Lady In The House Ch. 09

A story by MicheleNylons ( Continued adventures of a cross-dressed prison prostitute. )

I lay there stunned, how had I miscalculated my effect on the Warden? The one man who could guarantee a transfer from this shit-hole; fuck!!!!

The cravings of male sexual hunger within the confines of the four walls of Chelmsford Prison did not stop just because there were visiting days with the guards bribed to look the other way (or wantonly stare) whilst prisoners wives or girlfriends masturbated and fellated their partners in the visitors room. On completion of these visits the prisoners were seldom fully satisfied when they stuffed their sticky, deflating penises back into their grubby prison fatigues; they had the same appetites as men everywhere and wanted sex daily if they could get it.

In this rough world of imprisoned men where the inmates had only the slight chance of sex during visiting hours, I knew that when I was forced to dressed as a woman, I was enticing to these sexually deprived animals. The prisoners had only the fumbling wanks and sloppy fellatio provided by their wives and girlfriends as they dipped their hands and heads below the Formica topped tables during visiting hours.

The lack of normal heterosexual relations available to the inmates was the catalyst that allowed Eddie to make a fortune running his prison brothel with his string of transvestite prostitute inmates. Men starved of female companionship took their pleasure where they could; and there were also undoubtedly some prisoners and guards who preferred sex with transvestites regardless of the availability of women.

I was the latest addition to Eddie's stable, and although being forced to crossdress and prostitute myself was repulsive to me, I knew from recent events that I was irresistible to the inmates and guards who found their pleasure this way. So why had the Warden been so contemptible to me after treating me so nicely at first? I had obviously overplayed my hand when I tried to make my proposal for a transfer out of Chelmsford. Stupid me! I decided that I had better come up with another solution to get out of this disgusting place. Perhaps blackmail might work where my charms had failed?

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