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Lady In The House Ch. 08

A story by MicheleNylons (Crossdresser must comply with jailhouse heavy.)

"You!!!" Eddie screamed through the bars, then laughed.

"Well done girls, quite a show, I really enjoyed that; and so did Michele obviously," he said snickering and pointing at the tent in the front of my skirt caused by the bulge of my slowly diminishing erection.

"Ok fun's over; now get the fuck out of here while Mabel cleans the joint up for tomorrow night, I expect you will be a lot busier tomorrow Michele, once the word gets around that my newest girl is available to all customers."

"I expect you'll be very busy indeed," Eddie's laughter faded as he disappeared down the corridor between the cells.

I cringed at the thought of another night in this caged prison brothel, forced to service some of the roughest men I had ever met. At the same time I was feeling confused as to how quickly I had acquired female mannerisms; how I had become aroused by wearing the lingerie, makeup, wigs, and heels that Eddie forced me to wear. I was also amazed at how, after only a brief introduction, I was developing the skills of the feminine art in applying makeup.

I was more disturbed however, by how I had responded to the sexual attentions of some of the punters and the ministrations of my crossdressed sisters. I could not deny that, despite the fact that during this torrid night I had been repeatedly orally and anally raped, I had experienced two of the most intense orgasms of my life this evening. I decided that I was just too dog-tired to think about it; I needed to sleep. I was even too tired to be angry with Charlotte and Carmel, who although they had obviously enjoyed the sexual encounter we had just experienced together, had obviously been put up to it by Eddie so that he could enjoy the 'all girl' show.

The two vixens in question, (who had just introduced me to my first transvestite lesbian experience), slunk out of my workroom cell. They both glanced back and blew me a kiss.

"Nightie-night sweetie," they giggled in chorus, the sound of their laughter and the clattering of their high heels diminishing as they moved on down the corridor.

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