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Lady In The House Ch. 05

A story by MicheleNylons
(Crossdressed prisoner is forced into prostitution.)

From Part IV

Then Eddie looked down at my body and noticed the semen pooled at the front of my panties. My semen! He looked down at his tight belly and saw a slimy stain that was the result of my ejaculate spread there when he had pressed his body against me.

I watched the terrible storm brood in his eyes as he reached out and smashed me across the face.

"You dirty Cunt!!!" he screamed, and pushed my face into his belly.

"You lick that disgusting mess off my body before you lose some teeth!" he bellowed, rubbing my face against his belly as I made a vein attempt to lick my own spend off his stomach.

He pushed me back on the bed, my makeup ruined, mixed with semen and tears and smeared all over my face.

"Now get yourself cleaned up and get changed you filthy whore; you're open for business!!!"

Part V

Carmel rushed into the cell, or as she called it, my 'workroom';

"Come on Michele, the night's only just begun! The waiting room is full of punters, and because you are the new girl, you're top of the menu!" she said, busily fussing around me and helping me to my feet.

I allowed myself to be pulled up off the bed, and stood in front of Carmel (who until today I had only known as Craig).

"Look what he did to me!" I cried; "Look what that disgusting man did to me!"

"Oh shut the fuck up," Carmel crowed. "You'll get worse and you'll get better Michele; that's the life of a working girl here in Chelmsford!" the crossdressed freak standing in front of me explained matter of factly.

"That's just it!" I cried.

"I'm not a girl! I'm not Michele; my name is Mike and I'm a businessman not a woman! And you are not Carmel; some kind of bawdyhouse Madam; as you like to pretend! You're Craig! A guy in a dress, pretending to be a girl! You're just a sad, pathetic, transvestite prostitute living in some made up dream world inside this prison!"

"I'm a big name outside!" I cried.

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