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Lady In The House Ch. 04

A story by MicheleNylons
( Prisoner's transformation continues.)

From Part III

Steve's orgasm started to subside and he continued to rub his cock all over my face. He smeared his spend all over me, it combined with my lipstick and makeup to make a hot sticky film that covered my face. Steve stepped back and looked down at me, on my knees, may face covered in come, my clothes a mess and makeup mixed with semen, caking my face.

He reached out and grabbed a hand-full of my blonde hair and wiped his cock clean in it.

"Get this useless bitch cleaned up and dressed for Eddie; her night's only just started!" Steve sneered at Carmen as he turned his back and walked away zipping up his fly.

Part IV

Fifteen minutes later I was back in the cell Carmel had described as my 'work room'. She had cleaned me up in the shower and led me back here, dressed me, and was now putting the finishing touches to my makeup.

I was in daze; Eddie coming against my crotch and thighs was one thing, but 'Iron-bar' Steve's brutal rape of my mouth and then the humiliation of him ejaculating over my face had left me blank and bewildered. I had followed Carmel like a drone and let her take care of me and prepare me for my next encounter with Eddie. Now she was getting angry.

"Oh for fuck sake pay attention hun; I can't be doing your makeup for you every day, from tomorrow on your on your own!" she scolded.

She had selected my clothes and dressed me again but had to constantly remind me to watch what she was doing as I would need to dress myself in future. She dressed me like a whore!

After making up my face with heavy foundation, powder and blush, she had applied three different hues of eyeshadow ranging from frosty pink to mauve purple on my eyelids, working up to my plucked brows which she had highlighted. She applied lashings of mascara to my full lashes and finished with ruby red lipstick. She put on three coats and made me bite down on a tissue between each application to set the lipstick.

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