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Lady In The House Ch. 02

A story by Michele Nylons,

Part II

"She's all yours Eddie. She looks beautiful." I heard Carmel say as 'she' disappeared down the corridor, her high heels clicking on the tiled floor.

Eddie appeared at the door to the cell, he stepped inside and closed the door behind him.

"So what do you think of the little nest I have here for you 'secretary bird'," he asked sarcastically.

"Eddie, what's going on, what's all this about," I implored.

"Well if you haven't figured it out by now hun, you are a lot dumber than I thought. I needed a secretary, but not just to be my accountant, I need a 'Girl Friday' who can help run my business and take dictation; emphasis on the DICK," he smirked.

"I recognised your potential early, so now I have made you into Michele, my secretary, confidant, and soon to be my personal assistant. Very fucking personal if you know what I mean!"

Eddie stepped towards me. He was dressed in a pair of light tan linen pants, a smoking jacket, and expensive looking moccasin slippers adorned his feet.

"You look beautiful hun, just what I was hoping for; come here," he whispered hoarsely and reached out to pull me to him.

I immediately tried to step back out of his reach but he gripped my forearm and pulled me forward. As he did his other hand came up and slapped me soundly across the face. It was what the inmates referred to as a 'bitch slap', and it really stung. My eyes started to water.

Eddie took a handkerchief out of his pocket and put it to my teary eyes.

"Now Michele, don't cry; I would hate to ruin all the hard work that Carmel did with your makeup," he said.

"Just behave yourself and there will be no more pain."

He lifted my chin and looked deeply into my eyes.

"God your just fucking beautiful," he whispered and put his arms around me.

Eddie embraced me, locking his strong arms around me. His faced moved forward and I sensed he was about to kiss me. My involuntary action was to move back. His right hand came up again and was held out flat near my face, ready to slap me again. I forced myself to stay still.

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