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Lady and the Cop continued

The next night Regina got a visit from. Larry the cop who openly declared war on shemales and trannies. He was working a homicide where a trannie friend had been killed in her apartment.
Larry was a known shemale hater and he never failed to express his opinions. Tonight he was in her apartment to ask questions. No doubt a joy he hated, but she wasn't going to be anything but pleasant to him. She refuse to sink to his level.
Once inside her apartment, there was an awkward silence before Larry finally spoke.
“Look Ms. Regina. or whatever you call yourself.”
“Ree, everyone calls me Ree. Short and sweet just like me.”
“Okay Ree.”
" So what happened to you, you look like you got jumped." She noticed his rumple clothes and bruises on his face. "You okay?" She didn't mean to seem concerned. She had to remember that this guy was the enemy.
"I'm fine, nothing for you to be concerned about."
“Are you sure, you were in bad shape from what I could tell. What happened anyway?’
“I got jumped. Its my fault for even being in this neighborhood in the first place.”
“Poor baby," She said sarcastically” She looked him up and down confidently, as if she knew a secret. She could feel the sexual tension between the two of them. That's why he always tried to brush her off and degrade here with his nasty remarks and foul moods, but she was too sharp not to see beyond his actions. It wasn’t the first time that a man tried to fight those urges that she provoked. Even so called straight men who liked women seemed to like her even more.
Larry wanted to make a move for the door and forget about this interview. Why had he even come inside in the first place. He knew that he needed to go, but in spite of his urgency to leave, he couldn’t find the strength . He moved to the couch and slumped down on it “Sorry, got dizzy. Just a slight case of vertigo. It should be over in a minute, then I’m out of here.” In spite of his confident words, Larry remained on the couch, still unable to get his bearings.

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