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Kayla and Tracy

Awoken by the sunlight, Kayla rubbed the sleep out of her eyes, then vaguely gazed at the city scene outside of her panoramic windows. Realizing that if was a bit cold to her left, she glanced over in that direction to confirm what she thought.

“Damn, I must have slept a bit late,” she muttered to no one in particular.

Shaking the cobwebs out of her head, she pulled the sheet off of her, then sat up, feeling that now-familiar spring of that unnatural silicone on her chest. Idly toying a nipple, she looked down at her man-made bounty. “Hmm…maybe I should have done for that G cup? Nah.”

Twisting herself to the side, she stood up, feeling her long dick slap
against her thighs. She almost walked out her bedroom before stopping to
pull her robe off its hook by the bedroom door. She pulled it around her
back, letting it drape over her boobs down to around her knees. “Wait a
sec? The maid’s going to be late today because she’s dropping her kid off
at school,” she thought to herself. “That’s the only reason I wear this
damn thing in my own place.”

Walking out of the door and past her gym, she strode into the open living
room, blinded by the light. She drunk in the view, then turned towards the
kitchen next to it, when she saw Tracy sitting at the table finishing a big
bowl of Fruity Pebbles. She was dressed in her usual uniform of a
breast-framing baby tee, this time white, and a tight pair of jeans along
with a purple headband.

“Mornin’ sleepyhead!” Tracy said as she flashed an incandescent smile.

“Yeah, yeah,” Kayla muttered as she trudged to the counter to see if there
was any coffee available. “Shouldn’t you be at school right now?”

“I will in a bit. I’m just glad to see you this morning.”

As Kayla fumbled around the cabinet for a coffee mug, Tracy took the chance
to check out her lover from behind. Sipping on her orange juice, she gazed
first at the broad shoulders at the top of her 6’5″ frame, then her huge
tits, then her tiny waist, then her big round ass. “Damn, if I were a
man…fuck it, if I could use my strap on her…”

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