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Just Another Sunday in the Park...

… It was such a warm and sunny Spring Sunday morning that I decided to read my Sunday New York Times in the park. Newspaper under my arm, I strolled to the secluded bench in the far back corner of the park. It was in just enough of a break in the trees to "catch great rays". People rarely ventured back there, so I was confident I could relax and read "in peace". As I walked around the last curve in the path, I was pleasantly surprised to see you sitting on that very same bench, reading a book. I was struck by your beauty. Your long, blonde hair was flowing loosely over your shoulders. You had on a light summer blazer that was un-buttoned to show off the tight red leather bustier that was pushing your breasts up quite nicely. Your short leather skirt topped a pair of elegant thigh-high, black, sheer stockings...which led down to black leather, 5 inch skyheels. You pretended not to notice me at first, but I did catch you giving me a sly, sideways glance. I asked if you wouldn't mind if a sat on the bench with you. You looked up at me with those gorgeous eyes, gave me a smile that just melted me inside, and quietly said "that would be nice." I politely thanked you, and sat down with my paper. I began to look through it, trying really hard not to stare at you. I couldn't resist a few quick glances, though. It caught my eye that you were reading "The Story of O". It also caught my eye that you had your free hand up under your skirt...touching yourself as you read. Pretending to be totally engrossed in my newspaper, I reached down with my free hand and began to massage my thickening cock through my jeans. The trance was broken when I felt you place one of your hands on mine. I looked over to see that you had set down your book, turned to face me, and were leaning towards me... There was no way I could resist staring at you seductive cleavage. Firmly squeezing my hand, you stood up and pulled me to my feet. My newspaper dropped to the ground, totally forgotten.

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