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Just Another Day

With a loud buzzing sound ringing throughout her room, Charlotte awoke in the dark and rolled over to slap the button on her clock radio. Well, to call it a clock radio was somewhat of a misnomer since the radio made a lower pitched and louder buzz than the alarm. Rubbing her eyes the glowing blobs resolved into 5:45, with a small red dot uselessly reminding her that it was in the A.M. Completing the roll, her feet hit the
floor and, grabbing her dressing robe, she made her way groggily to her flat’s bathroom.

Hanging the robe from a hook on the back of the door, she then
turned around and reached into the shower to start the hot water
running. As she waited for the spray to heat up, she lifted her teddy over
her head and looked in the mirror. Almost the highlight of her day, her 34C
bosom stood proudly upon her chest. Turning the cold faucet a half turn,
she stepped into the stream of water. Once wetted down Charlotte soaped up
her loufa ball and moved it over her smooth pale skin. A small shudder ran
through her as the plastic mesh brushed over the nipples of the breasts
she’d wanted so badly, that it was with more than a little resentment that
she soaped up the seven inch penis that still seemed to define her life.

As the soap moved off her body, Charlotte was honest enough to
admit to herself that she’d always wanted to be a girl, even as Matt, but
once she’d started passing (and gone quite beyond ‘just’ passing) she’d
realized that ‘girl’ wasn’t a destination, but an altogether different path
she’d started on. And she’d become quite lost. A practically non-existent
social life, and no real sexual identity had left her living out her
day-to-day existence as just a person, and a boring one at that.

Charlotte dried off and shrugged on her robe. A simple breakfast
followed soon afterward, then she dressed in her business suit, the skirt a
mandatory reminder of her sought after femininity, and the walk down to the

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