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Jordan's First

My name is Jason, I am a 33 year old road worker. The pay is okay but I never had much more than what I needed to live comfortably. I was hoping to save up for a nice vacation and decided the best way to do that was to take on a roommate.
I live in a decent sized two bedroom apartment and the second bedroom was unused save for extra storage. I placed an ad online for the room complete with costs to rent and pictures. The search for a roommate didn't get off to the best start, most of the applicants were...interesting to say the least.
I was about to give up and pull the ad when I received an email from Jordan, he was 19 and looking to get out from living at home. We exchanged a few messages and I arranged a viewing for him.
I had just arrived home from work still in my heavy work pants when there was a knock at the door. The knock was quite faint and at first I thought it was someone else's door. After hearing it again I opened the door, standing there was Jordan, he was quite thin, wearing jean shorts and a tank top, his blonde hair was tied back in a pony tail. He seemed quite nervous, looking away and talking in a very quite voice, a voice which sounded almost feminine. I invited him in and when he walked past I picked up a faint scent of strawberry, it was also at this time I noticed his arms, legs and chest were completely hairless. I felt a tingle in my pants and was very confused, I was never interested or even curious about being with a man, but there was something different about Jordan.
I put those unusual thoughts out of my head and showed him around, he said he loved the room. I asked him when he wanted to move in and again, sheepishly looking away he softly answered that he could move in right away.
I asked if he needed help and he said yes, so we went down to the Van Rental place and rented a vehicle. When we got to his place I was surprised to find all of his things already packed and by the front door. We quickly loaded up the van and in just a couple of hours we unloaded all his things, set them up and returned the van. When we got back I asked Jordan if he wanted to order some food, but was shocked to see him standing in the doorway to his new room crying. I asked if he was alright, normally I wouldn't involve myself, but something about Jordan made me want to comfort him.

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