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Jasons dream of becoming a woman comes true

Once upon a time, there was a boy called Jason. Bored with his every day life, he found himself drinking in the pub most nights with his friends. He would come home and sit down in front of the television and flick through the channels. Satellite TV was ok, showing 10 minutes of free view here and there but it wasn’t quite what Jason liked.
He went to the fridge and cracked open another bottle of beer and returned to the TV. He flicked the DVD player on and up came one of his favourite TS films. So bored with the life he led and wishing for more excitement, his head would often work overtime and his favourite time of the day was about to start. The alcohol was a relaxant and something to remove reality from his life. His trousers came off to reveal his silky knickers. His cock was dangling down and becoming stiffer as he stroked his fingers along the silk touching his penis.
A gorgeous blonde called Katie with a nice brown tan came on the TV, showing her slender legs magnificently in a tiny 8” mini skirt. She paraded herself along the street and walked into a nearby house. A man was waiting for her and Jason was wishing so much that he could be this girl. Jason wanted a big change and being Katie would fulfil this to a tee. Katie was not your normal girl, she looked like one but inside her knickers, she still had a penis. Something of a fantasy for many guys in so many ways. Jason wanted the attention that Katie was receiving so much. The smooth legs, blonde hair, nice tan and pert breasts that he could play with and feel bouncing about as he walked along.
Jason continued playing with his cock and drinking his beer. He had one beer after another and time passed by. The last time he looked at the clock was 3am and he must have watched the video three times by now. He wanted so much to be Katie and he just imagined that it was him having a lovely cock in his throat and another in his rear passage. To have her looks, to be wanted and admired by many.
There was a knock at the door and Jason woke up.

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