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I was ready for some action other than masturbation, and I knew of only one place. Although I had never been there I heard some of my young co-workers talking about a club, thirty miles away that was called the Dragline. I gave myself a enema, lathered and shaved again, even though I did a great job the first time I saw a couple of hairs here and there. I paid particular attention to my crotch and under my balls, I didn’t want anyone to find any unwanted twigs. I chose a black thong and black stockings. I was worried about shoes, my feet were always small but not as small as my wife’s, until I remembered the heels she ordered that were too large. She kept saying that she was going to send them back but always forgot. To my great joy they fit, snugly but still, they were beautiful, shiny black “fuck me” pumps. I hoped that they would work
“What about my tits” I wondered. As much as I loved what I had it wasn’t much. Then I hit upon a temporary solution. My late wife had a hundred bras, some bigger than others as her weight yo-yo ed a bit. I fount the largest padded bra I could find and with a bit of altering it fit…snugly like the shoes but my desire wasn’t worried. My desire had taken over. I thought only of cock, I wanted to hold cock, kiss cock, suck cock, get fucked by cock…I was cock crazy, after taking the padding out of two other bras and using them for filling, my bust size looked to be a small C cup. I donned a black skirt which showed my knees and for my top I chose a slinky tan sleeveless top. I put a on a black sparkly button up sweater, only buttoning the bottom two snaps and then donned the other wig from the dresser. It was the same style as the other except it was blond., I admired myself in the full length, I was beautiful, I’d fuck me for sure. The last thing I did before leaving the house was to apply some press on nails.
I drove the thirty miles in such a state I wondered if people could die from anticipation. The club was packed, and the music was pumping. I was going into my purse to pay the cover when the doorman said, “Its ladies’ night…keep your money hon” I was ecstatic. As I stepped into the club my excitement increased to an almost unbearable level. “ I have got to get a drink before I burst.”

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