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I've come to turms about my prefs

I consider myself as bisexual, I luv pussy and cock equally, so I thought except lately I've been feeling more femme and wanting to feel and act like a slutty gurl. I like to dress lke a gurl and do things women normall y would rather not do like swallow a mans load,get fucked in the ass and just being a nastly slut. Most of the adult bookstores I like to visit had viewing booths with glory holes available, sometimes two (my favorite type). I get super wet and excited about going into the booth and being presented a totally unknown hard cock requesting my sissy mouth to fuck and I turn it on by giving a state of the art performance. Im appreciated by the head rub I get anfter swallowing every drop that pass between my puckered lips. I must say I'm a ;pretty darn good cocksucker and must be honest I luv cock in my mouth and luv taking your load to warm my belly. Because of my adverturous sissy side I've develop a taste for ass as long as its not hairy I'm into it real deep and the man goes crazy with pleasure. Sex with men is soooo easy and sooo taboo but its sooo good. Ive turned in to a faggot I feel. I've kinda like being refered to as a FAGGOT. iT GIVES ME A SENCE OF PRIDE. Call me a Faggot makes me cum while Im on my back getting my ass pounded as soon as I hear "your such a beautiful faggot", I shoot my load. Is wonderful!

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