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In my bedroom...

Daddy walks in to my room and lays down in bed, right behind me. He starts caressing my stocking covered legs…daddy likes it when I lay in bed in my sexy lingerie. I’m wearing a white garter belt, white stockings and silky white panties. Daddy caresses my sissy bum as he starts kissing my neck and my upper back. I push back my lil sissy butt against his warm body.

I slowly roll over and get on top of daddy. Mmmm I can feel daddy's bulge is getting bigger and harder against my own. I kiss you softly and release your manly cock from your underwear: it is already hard and pointing up. It needs my attention and sweet caress. I slide down to face your cock and plant a long wet kiss on the head while looking up at you. A little moan leaves daddy’s throat as he feels my lingering kiss. I come back up and rub my panty covered cock on his hard shaft, making sure he can feel the silky smoothness of the fabric caressing his cock head.

I go back down to my ready-to-suck position, and start licking daddy’s cock from the base to the tip....mmmmm daddy's hard and his cock is twitching from my tongue bath. I grab his pole with my left hand and take the head in my mouth, rotating my tongue around the head. I know daddy loves it when I do this because he often shivers when I do this. I take my mouth off and continue to lick the pole, making sure it is all wet and slippery, then I start going up and down, slowly, with my hot wet mouth on daddy's dick.

I take my lil sissy cock out of my panties and start stroking it with my right hand. My left hand is busy holding on to daddy’s cock as I continue to pump his fuck-stick with my mouth. “Mmmmmm…” he moans, and it makes me moan.

I let go and come back to sitting on your legs, so that our cocks touch. I grab both our cocks in my hand and start rocking gently back n forth, my stockings rubbing against your legs as we both close our eyes and focus on the pleasure. I bend forward and start licking and biting your nipples, and that is your cue to take out the lube and prepare my lil boipussy. I hear a squirt of lube being released from the bottle and feel daddy’s finger rim my hole, making me moan at the sensation. Daddy starts to poke it in, his finger twisting and going deeper in me. I bite a bit too hard on one of your nipples, and say "Sorry feels sooo good…”

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