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If only...

I've been fantasising about your hard cock again. I want to meet you, take you somewhere quiet so that I can get my hands on your hot shaft. I want to push you against the wall, look into your eyes as I unbuckle your belt, unbutton your trousers and slowly slide the zip down. Put my hands onto your thighs and hook my thumbs into your boxer shorts and, as I sink to my knees, pull them down around your ankles. Then I'll be eye to eye with your rapidly hardening cock.

I'll start by nuzzling your clean shaved balls with my nose, licking and kissing your ball sack, taking each one of your heavy nuts gently into my mouth for my tongue to play with. Then I'll slowly work my way up your hard shaft, kissing and licking all the way up until I reach your swollen head. Your pre-cum tastes sweet as my tongue flicks around the tip as I then place both hands on your thighs, grip your arse with my fingertips and sink my hot wet mouth down around your cock, my tongue lashing at your hardness as my head starts to bob up and down, taking as much of you into my mouth as possible.

I start to moan and hum as I deep throat you whilst cupping your balls in the palm of my hand. I can feel your cock twitching as your hips start moving back and forth as you fuck my mouth. My fingers grip your arse as I let you slide your cock in and out as my tongue rubs up and down your thick vein. I can tell that you want to shoot your hot load sooner rather than later as you start to pant and moan, your hips picking up the pace but I'm only just starting with you and I want more.

I gently push you by the hips back against the wall as your cock slips out of my mouth and I resume licking and kissing your aching hard on. You whimper as I wrap my hand around your hard shaft and begin to slowly and deliberately toss you off. Your cock feels like a bar of hot steel in my hand as I press my lips and occasionally my tongue to the tip of your head whilst gently stroking you up and down.

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