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I meet my new Mistress for the first time

I was feeling excited about and looking forward to Friday night. The reason for this was that I intended to dress up as my alter ego, Tania Harvey, and to go for a night out to a club nearby that is popular with TG’s, TV’s and other like minded people. I took a lot of care and attention over the way I dressed and the application of my make-up. I chose to wear my favourite red dress which is tight fitting in all the right places and shows of my figure to great effect. Underneath I put on a very sexy black corset, a pair of very sheer black stockings and a pair of lacy French knickers. I had already made sure that my body was completely smooth and shaven all over. With one last glance at my wig and make-up in the mirror, I slipped out of my house and quietly walked to my car which I had parked close by earlier. Part of the fun of doing this is getting ready and then driving or walking through the streets at night clad as a beautiful, desirable woman.
On arriving at the club I found that a big crowd of ‘girls’ were already there. I chatted for a while to a couple of girls I knew from previous visits. Eventually my eye was drawn to two tall, slender girls who, in my eyes, were utterly gorgeous. Both were wearing very slinky, tight fitting latex dresses which made them even more desirable. One was obviously a trashy transvestite like me but I was surprised to discover that the other girl was a real woman with astoundingly beautiful legs which were made even more glorious by the outrageous high heel shoes she was wearing. She also had amazingly big breasts and long dark hair. Summoning up all of my courage, I decided to go and talk to them. After introducing myself the Tgirl told me her name was Nicole and that her female companion was called Hot Sandra. They seemed very pleasant and likeable and we soon were engaged in a very interesting conversation about fetishes. Sandra offered to buy a round of drinks whilst Nicole and I continued our conversation. After a few minutes Sandra returned with three glasses of white wine. I had already had a few drinks earlier but the wine began to have a very strange effect on me, I began to slur my words and feel very inebriated. Nicole and Sandra both looked very concerned and offered to take me to a quiet room so that I could sit down and try to recover. That’s the last thing I remember…

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