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I Just Wanted To Chat With Shemales!

So, the guys and I packed and finally headed to Amsterdam.

Of course, we got drunk and wasted as soon as the plane has touched the ground and the four of us rented an apartment, bought loads of six-packs and decided to paint the town red. Especially the Red District. The nights turned into wild partying time, and after a while, Marc and I lost the other two guys and went on walking the streets of Red District.

You can find a hot hooker almost everywhere, but this was our last time to be totally crazy so we decided to find some Shemales. We finally did and while I was having a drunken chat with Shemales on the corner, Marc was already negotiating the price with a stunning Asian tgirl. She had some killer tits and silicone pumped lips that were simply craving to be wrapped around a cock.

My ridiculous chat with Shemales would go on forever if Marc didn’t drag me away from them and pushed me into a room where the Asian chick was waiting. At first I thought that he paid her just for me, but I realized that Marc wasn’t about to leave the room. Not even when this hot shemale took out my semi-hard cock and placed it between her huge tits.

I got a hardon in a second! She gently touched the top of my cock with her pierced tongue and started licking it down. I swear I thought that I was about to explode the second she slurped my whole dick inside her mouth.

I was face fucking her harder and harder and closed my eyes, enjoying every second of it. Then I noticed a sudden change in the rhythm of her sucking. I opened my eyes and saw Marc fucking her from behind. Every time he rammed his dick into her, it would push her a little bit forward and my dick would go even deeper down her throat.

He saw me opening my eyes and smiled at me. For some reason that turned me on even harder. We were fucking the hell out of this amazing shemale together! We came at the same time.

I unloaded into her mouth while Marc filled her ass with his cum. We’ve never talked about it afterwards. We didn’t even tell the other guys what happened. But let me tell you, I’ve learned that there are more fun things to do than to chat with Shemales.

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