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I Give Up

The following story is the first of four parts of a tale that explores the theme of transformation. It is thematically similar others that I have submitted but has a larger narrative arc. I hope you enjoy reading the first portion, Act One & Two.

I continue to work on better editing and someone has been most helpful.

Thank you for your comments


This story follows two people that are driven by the decision to participate in their mutual seduction and the need to settle on a way of living. These two individuals instigate changes to each other, each seeking to understand the other's will, and moving towards being something together. They abandon the will to say no, yet they alone are making decisions for themselves. Their shared desire for another matures around this understanding.

Preamble: Anais

I watched as Renee approached the table we had arranged. She was a woman nearing her forties and her body was still curvy, not too busty; she was fit. Her legs were tan and her dress fell in two tiers emphasizing her waist with half sleeves and a mid-thigh hem. She wore a heel covered with leopard-print faux leather. Renee had forwarded a photo of herself after we had been chatting on the Internet for nearly a month. Now we spoke every few days. She offered to help with my search. She had set up this meeting but I had selected the place. The meeting was to discuss how I might meet the woman I sought.

"Anais?" she said when I stood to greet her at the café table. We were near the Club, and Renee looked wonderful, "I will never get over the name," she said with a smile, "Was your mother a little crazy?"

I smirked having heard from many people similar feelings. "No, she was old school French. The name was also my great-grandfather's."

She sat on the opposite chair, the edge as if unsettled, and my eyes remained looking at her face though her aura was exciting. I caught a trace of her musky but floral scent. Her long caramel hair was up in a loose bun style; then I saw the dual braids. She had clearly prepared this look. Her smile helped my mood and she sat, and I did as well. I quietly studied her deportment as she shifted to relax in the chair and began.

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