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I decided to try prostate milking today...

So last night when I was browsing the infinite collections on xhamster, i came across a video of a tranny ( <3 ) doing something called "prostate milking". I had never heard of this before so I click on the video to see what it is. First off the lady starring in this video was gorgeous, beautiful tits, great ass and a dick that was killer. During the video this lady first beats off and unloads a massive load of cum all over herself. I noticed that the video was only half over though and that I hadn't seen anything that reselmbled "prostate milking" just a tranny jerking off her cock lol. I kept watching though, and I saw her pull out what looked like a long pole that was rounded at one end. It wasn't very thick and it would fit in anyones ass with ease, but what I saw next I didn't believe. By now her dick was limp from cumming, but as she put the pole in her ass, it was like magic, her dick magically became hard again. What happened next I wouldn't believe...cum started to ooze out of her half limp cock. It was like anything I had ever seen. I always knew that I could easily beat off a few minutes after unloading a load and there would always be enough for another cumshot, but I had no idea that you could do this instantly with the gratification of some ass play. ;)

This morning when I woke up I couldn't wait to do this to myself. So like I do everymorning I started up the shower to hot, waited for the room to get steamy and began my morning masturbation. I jerked until I let off a nice little load and then waited for my dick to soften. When this happened I pulled out the object (not a dildo, but what it was is up to ur imagination) that I was going to use to milk myself. I had never put anything in my ass before except my pinky finger, and OH MY GOD I wish i had put something up tehre sooner, I never knew how good it felt to have a nice thick rod up there. It was a painful at first, but the farther and farther in I put the rod, the more pleasureable it became.

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