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I couldn't swallow fast enough

I met this guy at a party one summer. we started to hang out. After a few weeks he told me that gay rumors are going around about him. I asked if they were true. He said he had done things with guys in the past, but because of the harassment he moved away and started over. To witch I replied "So you don't want me to suck your cock"? He told me I could but he didn't want anyone to know who it was. He had not been laid for years. I laid him down on my bed and caressed him under his shirt. His cock was so stiff I had a hard time getting the top button undone. It started off at 8 inches. I put the head in my mouth and started to suck and stroke. That got him up to nine inches. Then I deepthroated him, bringing him up to 10 inches.. Usually a dick gets stiffer before it shoots, but his was too stiff to tell. Without warning I got my first taste. About half a mouthful. His dick was still flexing but for a few seconds no more came out. I thought was that it? Then it started gushing out in waves. I could fit one wave in my mouth and swallow at a time, but there was almost no pause in between the loads, each one being an instant mouthful. I swallowed 7 out of 10 or so mouthfuls. The rest ran all over him and the bed. He was still rock hard so I sucked him off again. He shot even more than before but it wasn't thick like the first one was. I just let it shoot straight down my throat. I think I could feel a lot of it hitting the inside of my stomach

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