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I couldn't say no

I had been taking care of myself for two long years and the urge for a guy to handle it instead grew stronger by the day and getting closer to the hour instead. I was 14 and I hadn't gotten the chance yet to feel what it was like to be with a guy, to feel his lips kissing mine and his hands touching my body and driving me wild. It had to feel fantastic for it worked perfect anytime I fantasized about it to relieve myself for another day. I knew girls my age and boys too were experiencing the pleasure of sex with others. My best friend Krystal told me about her wild love making weekends and after school erotica all the time (like I wanted to hear it). I was frustrated, what was it? Why didn't the boys look at me the way they did so many girls? I knew I wasn't ugly nor hideous. I had a cute petite little body (no breast signs yet) but still a nice little body that had absolutely nothing wrong with it. When I did my hair and makeup and sometimes paint my nails I looked a little older than 14. When I did my makeup I did it in ways that other 14 yr. old girls wouldn't think of. My sister that was the next up from me was a stripper. I learned allot of things from her, how to do makeup that made guys cum and girls jealous of. I learned how to dress sexy and provocatively, by listening in on her conversations with either friends or one of my other sisters she unknowingly somewhat taught me some basics of giving a blow job and french kissing (which I was tired of practicing with my pillow by the way). Anyway it was my time I just knew it. It was over due I thought. I didn't want to wait as long as I had actually. Nothing in my complete being wanted to be a good girl. Hell no, I wanted to be just like my sister and be a bad gurl instead. I wanted guys to want me and I wanted girls to be jealous and intimidated by my presence just like my sister was. So to possibly shorten this story some I'm going to jump to the day that I became the gurl I was wanting to be.

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