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It was the very first night of my month long North Carolina July summer vacation stay when my Aunt Meg suddenly entered the bedroom that I was temporarily sharing with my younger cousin Rudy. Being so openly effeminine in his body language,voice and looks, I had already planted such dirty thoughts into my mind! Yes quite stimulating to me forbidden sexual thoughts about making my cousin Rudy become a secret faggot for me just like openly gay Joey Parker who lived right down the road from me back home. How wonderful and exciting I found it having Joey available to Suck me off nearly anytime I wanted him too. Yes for nearly two wonderful years, his warm always egar and willing mouth had sucked out a countless number of fantastic loads from my impressive 7 1/4" fairly thick teen dick.

I almost shit a brick when aunt Meg informed her son that it was time for his nightly bedtime story! Fuck, Rudy was going to be going into his freshman year of high school come early September? Sitting on the foot of his bed, she opened the large gray covered book she held and began by saying "Once upon a time there lived a naughty middleaged lumberjack in Canada that loved to swim completely naked during the hot Canadian summer months."

It was perhaps close to ten minutes later when she finished reading and suddenly closed her book. I couldn't believe my ears as I had sat there listening to accounts of how a equally naughty boy used to safely hide amongst the hillside bushes and masturbate his penis while viewing this much older hairy man that was completely exposed to him during his long nude sun baths at the swimming hole. When next aunt Meg gave both her son and myself a peck on our cheeks and told us to sleep well, I was carefully hiding a full erection under my summer sheets.

For a few hours after Aunt Meg had left us, I layed there fully awake and very confused while trying to figure things out? Why had my aunt read such a somewhat gay sex story to her son right in front

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