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How it started

What got me started off watching shemale porn was actually meeting a very beautiful shemale at a beach party. I already knew she was a guy but she was so beautiful. So at one point I asked her if she wanted to go for a walk and after a few minutes and let her know that I was down. Her response was "what do you mean? I was like "I know your a guy and I just want to let you know that I'm down". We ended up walking down a long pier where she told me that she wanted to go down on me. Unfortunately it was a very windy and water splashed up and got her which freaked her out so we stopped I started walking back. but at one point we stopped and made out for a little bit and it was awsome. So then I get on here and the first video I see is with Jane Marie and oh my God I am hooked! Since then I've only been with one another shemale and we had some wild sex and it was so amazing. I sucked her cock (actually made love to that cock) what seemed to be only a few minutes but in actuality was like an hour! I had sucked a guy's dick before but didn't like it but when i sucked her dick oh my God I loved it so much I couldn't get enough.I can see myself being with a shemale for the rest of my life if I could find right one and I don't give a fuck what anybody would think! And all of the things I tagged for the story are things that I'd probably enjoy and like to do.

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