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How I got started dressing

I was a sophomore in high school and like any teenage boy I was extremely horny. I masturbated atleast once a day usually 2 or even 3 times because I had so much time on my hands. I started off watching plain straight porn but I watched so much of it daily that I started to get bored of it. I just used sites like google or yahoo to find videos by typing in whatever I was into that day. It started out with just words like "blonde getting fucked" or "girlfriend giving blowjob." Once I started to get bored my words started to get more descriptive "Slut takes huge cock in ass."I was skimming through videos until I found a thumbnail that caught my interest. The thumbnail was of a girl that was tied up with her ass in the air just asking to get fucked. Of course I immediately watched the video was so turned on that I shot my load within a minute. The fact that someone was tied up and helpless taking a cock in there ass was the hottest thing I had ever seen. I wasn't exactly so sure at the time why I got so horny but I was about to complain.

I continued watching bondage porn for months and months realizing it took a lot longer to get bored of it then the other porn I had watched. I discovered more of the humiliating type of bondage videos which kept me watching more and more porn. By now I started typing my keywords even more descriptive then before and thats where it all really started. I searched for "little helpless bitch fucked hard" and thats exactly what the search gave me. The second video in the list was titled word for word what I had typed in the search box so I figured I'd give it a shot. The video started with a side view of what I thought was a fairly attractive woman tied up in her panties on a table. The master was spanking her ass with his bare hand (which is a huge turn on for me) and demanded that she tell him how much she liked it. Being verbal is another huge turn on for me so I was already about to explode and it just started but after about a minute of spanking the master pulled the panties down and out popped a cock. Mine was bigger then that and I wasn't even out of high school yet! I almost clicked out of the video because I wasn't into guys but I was so horny that I just kept watching...

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