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How I became a Transexual

I was driving a different way home after work and noticed a kind of sleazy looking sex shop. Not really wanting to go home yet, I decided to stop, it had been awhile since I'd had sex and was horny. I went in and was browsing around the movies section when I noticed there were doors in the back. I went in and opened one up and saw that there was a screen on the back wall and small seat. I went up to the front counter and asked the older gentleman behind the counter how it worked. I paid him and went back and picked out my movie, the cover had a hot looking tranny on the cover with a big didldo up her ass. I've considered myself bicurious, I've used dildos and other toys on myself but have never done anything with another male.

I'm a little leary of the whole thing, but once the movie gets going and I really start getting horny, I get brave and take off my clothes and start masturbating right there in the little room. At this point I don't care if there is a camera hidden somewhere, I'm that horny and need to take care of this. I'm getting into things when off to my left side I hear somebody clear their throat, I stop what I'm doing and look up and in a hole in the wall that I didn't notice earlier is a very large cock that barely fit through the hole. I've heard about glory holes but have never experianced one. And not having done anything like this before, I immediately get on my knees in front of this huge piece of meat and start sucking on it. This only makes me hornier that I already was. As I'm sucking on my first cock I am stroking my own cock. After about 5 minutes of heaven, I hear another male clearing his throat. I look behind me and notice another cock through another glory hole, this one though, is smaller but just a beatufiul looking. The room is really small so i can still strock the first cock and suck on the 2nd one at the sametime.

As I'm sukcing on the new cock I get an idea, I don't want to leave the first guy haning. I get the new guys cock nice and hard and wet and I bend over so that my asshole is in line with his now hard cock.

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