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How I Became a Girl

My name is now Stephanie, once it was Stephen. I would like to relate how I was turned into a girl (really a transvestite slave) by the beautiful young lady who has become my mistress. I have always felt that I should have been born a female. I definitely have female traits. I have a very feminine voice and I cry over the silliest things. Just like a woman would. Cindy’s dominance over me has expanded my submissive nature. I love Mistress Cindy and happily submit to her every desire. In high school, I spent two frustrating years trying to date the opposite sex. I found girls to be rather disbelieving: “Go out in public with a sissy like you? I’d rather die.” At the end of my junior years all that changed.

Cindy, easily the cutest girl in my home room class, had become my friend in
the last month or so. She would eat lunch with me every day ignoring her
other girlfiends and the athletic jocks who always seem to follow her around.
She would call me at home and we would spend hours on the phone. We would
talk about everything even fashion, which had always been a passion of mine.
She even like the sketches of the design I showed her. Taking my hand the
other day she gazed steadily into my eyes and told me that I was not like the
other boys in school. That I was very special.

The Saturday before school was out for the Christmas break she called and
invited me to a party that evening at her house. Her parents were away for
the weekend and she ask if I would like to come over. When I ask who would be
there, she told me just a few of her close friends that had formed a sort of

I arrived around seven and was surprised to find myself the first arrival.
Cindy was ravishing in a black mini-dress and black suede baby-doll sandals
with four-inch heels. Pulling me by the arm into the den she quickly embraces
and French kisses me. Her kiss was very passionate. I was stunned and
stammered something about the other kids. Cindy reached out and ripped my
shirt open then proceeded to try to undo my jeans. I broke away as she said
“Take off those silly boys’ clothes.” I managed to utter a shocked “What?” as
she slapped my face saying. “There’s no use pretending with me, Stephen W..

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