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How Ginger was born

So, how did I get into all this stuff in the first place?

I had been into crossdressing from an early age and realised I was attracted to other boys from when I first went to an all boys school. I didn't have my first experience while crossdressed until later in my teens. It was certainly unusual, if a little scary.

My best friend at that time lived on the other side of town in a large 3 storey Victorian terraced house. His parents were regular churchgoers and considered pillars of the community. My friend's father (I'll call him Mr Webster) was straight laced, or so I thought. He had his own study, furnished in period style to match the house. Mrs Webster dressed well, always in dresses or skirts, and wore hosiery often, something my eye was drawn to even at that tender age. My friend's brother was rather cute, and a little effeminate, but sadly I never got to know him as well as I'd have liked.

Anyway, on the day in question, a Saturday morning, I called over to see my friend only to be told he was at rugby practice and wouldn't be back until lunchtime. Mrs Webster said I could hang about until he came home and that her husband was taking her to do some shopping in town.

So there I was in an empty house with nothing to do for a couple of hours but hang about and listen to some CDs. It was then that Mrs Webster's hosiery sprang to mind and a wicked thought occurred to me. I slipped into the master bedroom and opened her dresser drawers to see what she had in there. I was delighted to find that she had several girdles and suspender belts and a large collection of expensive lingerie. She also had stockings in several colours. My face flushed with excitement as a further possibility crossed my mind.

Trembling with excitement I sat on the Websters' marital bed and eased a pair of sheer tan gloss stockings onto my legs. I then attached them to a burgundy suspender belt and slipped on a pair of matching panties. Pleased with the ensemble I completed it with a pair of burgundy court shoes with a 4 inch heel. I then proceeded to glide about, feeling very feminine and aroused.

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