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How do you do it?

this is just a quick little story. or really a question i could say.

at first trannys were a complete joke for me. my friend tricked me into watching the porn cause the guy looked like a girl and bam when i saw the penis i turned the video off. I couldnt stop thinking about it to the point where i had to watch it again. i was hooked. Everyday i would watch these tranny porn videos. i cant tell you how many times i did it. At first i only watched the girls get fucked then i started to wonder how it would feel to watch the guys get fucked by a tranny. Again i was hooked. Now i watch it all. I dont care who gets fucked, the size of the cock, or even what they do in the video...i just love to stare at cocks. guys or girls and even cds. Its gotten to the point where i want nothing more than to suck a cock. everyday i wonder what it would feel like. to have someone just slide their thick, vainy, long dick in my mouth while i repeatedly suck on it cause im his/her little bitch. I wana drink cum and piss and be slapped right in my whore mouth with a cock over and over. i want to have raw long dick penetrate my ass over and over and over and over until i can feel the warm cum in me. i wanna be someones bitch. thats all i want...

but i cant find anyone. i see people talk about it. i message people. i try to see if we are into the same things. but i never seem to meet anyone that i can just let use me as a little cum dumpster till their tired of me. i want my fat ass fucked and i want to suck a cock. thats all i want. but

but how

how do i meet someone to do all this to me.

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