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Hi! I'm Kacey! :)

I am male. I live my life out loud as a straight male. I've been with 32 women and loved them all. I have also been with 9 crossdressers, trannys and shemales and loved every bit of that too. I am enamoured with the female figure, wether its a pussy between her legs, or a fat bulge behind her panties. I have no interest or attraction to the male physique other than my own. If she's pretty, feminine, dressed to the nines and into me, I'm all about it! Being that some of these girls pack cocks, you could consider me bisexual and I have no qualms with that. However, there is a level of me that loves femininity to such a degree that to truly appreciate it, I had to become it.

I love cutesy, bubbly girls. Girls who love to do their hair up different ways and put on their mascara, eye liner and lip gloss. Girls who are proud of and comfortable in their bodies to dress themselves a little daringly. Girls who understand the best way to enjoy that femininity, is to embrace and cherish the role of being a filthy, little, slut.

I love that word. Slut. In any of its forms. I used to look in the Fredricks of Hollywood catalog as a young boy and admire just how pretty and sexy those girls were. I would stroke to fantasies of these girls on their knees and begging for me to do to them what sluts have done to them. Moaning and loving every moment of receiving me. As I grew up, not only did I aim for the best looking girls and have them to submit to these desires, but did so in part for the same reason that makes me such a fine, little piece of ass myself...

I'm hot. Sorry, but you gotta be a little cocky to truly feel sexy :) You also gotta be a little slutty.

By this point you could say I'm gay, but understand, I don't like to be a glammed-up slut just to be the subject of weak ass abuse from a man. I wish to share in the glorious wonder that is femininity with other like-minded girls such as myself. Women are all that I crave, even when I am the one in panties and pumps. Maybe that makes me a lesbian...?

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