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He knows how to drive

Our forum TS star Fran seems to be able to crank out admirable shemale stories in record time! I welcome you to take delight in another story written by her, it's a real jewel ;)

It is one of those lazy days, clear skies, warm, but I have things to do. I should take my car in for service. (could use a little service myself ) I put on a mini skirt; loose fitting blouse and step into my open toed high heels. Hey, I'm dressed for the day!

Head on down to the car shop. They can check my car but it will be a while. I didn't want to wait so they gave me a loaner, an old Pontiac Firebird. Well, it will do. It's bright red and it is a convertible. So off I go, top down (on the car silly!) hair blowing in the breeze. Downtown I spot ila, pull over to the curb and blast the horn.

"Fran! What the heck. You in a sports car?"
"Why not?" I replied. " Sensuous curves, twin cams, and a stick shift."

That's my kind of car! Besides, they also warned me, "can be a bitch if held in a corner." Yup. My car.

So ila gets in and off we go. It's easy to speed and onto the expressway we go. A few miles down and I ask if ila would like to drive this classic. We pull over and exchange positions. We pull out again and ila does a double clutch on the upshift. Yup, he can do o-kay. I push my seat back and pull open the crotch cooler. (a local term the girls use to describe the lower air vent.). ila pulls off the expressway and we head for the beach.

Though it's warm it also is mid-week so not very many here. We pull in to a far corner parking space and enjoy the view. Course now ila, Mr. Testosterone personified, likes the view of me. Doesn't take him long to get his arms around me and his lips well planted.

He reaches down and finds the seat back lever and next thing I know the seat is in a prone position, ila on top of me. His favorite position. He so aptly keeps me occupied receiving his kisses I didn't notice his hand slipping to my blouse, undoing my buttons, until I feel his hand on my tits. ( he likes those ) We kiss and fondle. My skirt easily rises and ila takes advantage. His hand finds my smooth legs and things are moving up!

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