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Goth Trans Girl Confession pt1

This is true confession. A journal entry of sorts. Sep. 2009

Anyway, I would say that my family is pretty open, at least compared to most of the families of trans people that I personally know. That doesn't mean that I didn't have a difficult time as far as there understanding when I my body began changing. I have always been very soft looking with a feminine voice. But it was when my hair started getting long and my breast began developing to the point that they were noticeable that I started getting attention from men.

I learned early on that my interests where in other women, specifically other trans women but at the time I had not had sex with anyone. And being of the shy type and thinking myself to not be anyone type with my dyed blue hair, and growing array of body piercings I kept to myself a lot. I just wasn't good at meeting people. Then Jacob came along. Now his real name isn't Jacob but that's what I'll call him for this entry.

We took to each other immediately and had a lot of similar interests. We quickly became friends and I confided in him that I'm trans. Well, he is the one that told me about this site, so he was quite familiar with trans people but had never had sex with a trans girl before. And me never having had sex with a guy the thought had crossed my mind as to what it would be like if he fucked me. I kind of wanted to know really bad, especially after staying the night at his house one evening and seeing him change into pajamas after getting out of the shower. We were buds and at this point had been for a few years without anything happening. But I saw his cock and had this overwhelming desire to experience it inside me. I had all these dirty thoughts probably from watching porn videos and having still been a virgin when most people my age probably had had sex countless times. I had the look of an outgoing girl that was wild, at least that's what I was always told but in reality I was a shy, timid, little nerd that longed for my first sexual experience with this guy that had become my best friend. But I was also scared because his dick was pretty large. I thought it would hurt.

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