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Got dominated by 2 shemales on the last day in Thailand

I took a trip to Thailand when i was 25. I told my friends I wanted to go alone so I could clear my head. The real reason was that I wanted so see some shemales.

When I first arrived I spent a day looking at every club I could find in search of a good Shemale. It was nearly a week and I couldn't find any shemale, be it attractive or not. It was my last day and I decided to visit a hostel I had seen, but never though of visiting, as it was quite small. I didn't think there would be a shemale, let alone another person in there. When I entered I was 3 beautiful girls sitting on some chairs. My first instinct was that I should just leave, as these 3 beauties can't have dicks. In a frustrated matter I just yelled "Where can I find some god damn shemales?"

The 3 girls looked up and grinned. I'll skip our conversation but lets just say I found out that 2 of them had dicks. The other was just their friend. I told them that if we did something it would need to be fast, as i was leaving the same day. We went to a hotel, and immediatly one of the shemales started dominating me. She pushed me on the bed and pulled her pants right off. She sat on my face and told me she wouldn't get off until I licked her ass clean. Her friend started putting her dick in my ass, but she seemed more hesitant than her bold friend.

It was heaven, and the tgirl giving me anal started getting feirce, and pounded it. When the girl giving anal started to cum she pulled as to not cum in me but I told her to do it. It felt great, as her warm cum tatooed my anus. While all this happened I was still licking the first girls asshole. She then shoved her HUGE cock in my mouth, and I gave her what I hope was an excellent blowjob, as It didn't last very long. Once finished we all showered then went our own ways.

On my flight home I couldn't stop thinking about it, and I already have plans to return.

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