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Got last night

I was walking home last night, after a night out it was late walking through a park, and was confronted by six men. Wanted money, I explained I didn't have any, they said well we can do this another way, I said what do you mean, and there answer was we gonna rape you, I started to run, but hard in high heels, and they easily caught me, they dragged me into the park,forced me over a park beach, ripped my skirt, blouse, and panties off and one entered my ass, and i sucked another, I was so scared, and was willing to do what they wanted for my safety,one after one they all gangbanged me, untill I had cum dripping out of my pussy ass and mouth, as I hadn't been fucked that night I was starting to enjoy it, so I begged for more as I'm an insatiable fuck slut, they then started to fist me,oh so HOT, and I cum like crazy, I asked them not to stop, with continuous fisting and cock in my mouth, I was loving every minute of all this.
When they all were exhausted, and dry of cum, they dressed and left me on my own, I was safe, but well and truly fucked, walking home, there cum was dripping down my legs, although felt so nice.
So I have decided to walk that way again late at night, to see if they are around, and fuck me like the dirty slut I am.

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