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Good Friends are the Best

This story takes place after I had been crossdressing and watching shemale porn for years. It all started out with me trying to avoid seeing men's cocks while watching porn so I tried lesbian porn and then found shemale fucking girls porn to be crazy sexy. After watching a lot of shemales fucking girls I started to realize I was more attracted to the shemale porn stars. I loved Bianca Freire especially I started watching all of her porn no matter if a guy was involved and I saw her fuck a guy sensually, and loved the idea.

I wanted her to fuck me so badly. I started watching shemale porn stars fuck men and loved it. But where I lived there are no shemale's anywhere so I started putting on panties to see my cock in them to wonder what it be like for me to be with a shemale. I was using myself as my own shemale slut I would dress up and look in the mirror as I rubbed my limp cock on a stair railing pretending to be fucking my own ass.

After making myself into a pretend shemale I realized I loved crossdressing and how sexy I felt doing it. I fell in love with silk and loved seeing my ass in panties and thongs and dresses. I starting wondering if I could ever look good enough for a man to want to fuck me as a crossdresser.

Once I got to this point I meet a girl in college a very sexually open girl who was bi and wasn't scared to tell people. She was a psychology major and loved experimenting and discovering peoples sexual natures. We became friends. I never told her I was into crossdressing but I think she wanted me to be.

We were hanging out one afternoon and she was jokingly asking me to try on her panties and skirt telling me I really had the legs for them. I laughed and said no way. But she said it won't be gay because I will be taking them off of me and giving them to you so you will see me naked if you try them on. I really wanted to see her naked and truly didn't mind trying them on so I did. My heart was racing having girl clothes on in front of her. She teased me about liking it because of my erection, but i said it was from her nudity. Truly it was both. She was so open about being naked it was crazy to me.

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