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Gina's and Michael's Night Out, Part 1

Today we're publishing the first part of another lovely story written by our reputable forum member Ila. I believe You'll love it too and reading it will surely make you horny! Come back soon for the continuation of the story. ;)

Gina stepped from the shower and grabbed a towel. She quickly dried herself off and then turned towards the oversized bathroom mirror. She turned left and right examining herself with a critical eye. Gina was satisfied with what she saw. At a petite 5’ 4” and a featherweight 116 pounds her body was perfectly proportioned. Gina was pleased to notice that her 34B breasts were still firm with not even a hint of droop. She examined her sensitive nipples which Michael, her husband, loved to fondle, caress, and suckle.

Gina now faced the mirror and ran her hands across her smooth firm tummy. She could feel her underlying toned muscles that helped to shape and define her tiny waist that flared out to her elegant hips. Gina let her hands slide across her smooth, hairless, tight pussy; a pussy that Michael loved to tongue to ecstasy. She shivered in anticipation of feeling Michael’s eight inch long, thick, hard cock sliding in and out of her. That would be much later right now she had to finish getting dressed.

Before picking up her hairbrush, Gina gave her cute tushy a quick once over. It is still smooth, firm, and round with not even a hint of jiggle. It’s no wonder Michael adored her and her body. Gina started brushing her shoulder length, wavy, medium brown, silky hair that was shimmering in the light.

With her hair done Gina padded out of the bathroom and took a seat in front of her makeup mirror. She leaned in close and brushed an imaginary speck off her flawless skin. Next she applied her eye makeup to highlight and emphasize her sparkling brown eyes. A few more minor touches and finishing with her understated lipstick and Gina’s exceptionally pretty face was even more gorgeous. Michael often told her that women secretly envied her and men covertly lusted after her.

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