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Getting Ready for my First

Do you remember the first thing you ever put in your ass? The feeling of that pressure around and then inside your asshole? Just cleaned and maybe even shaved or trimmed a bit, ready to try it out? And the pleasure of it, oh the insane pleasure of it, once it got all the way inside you? And then later, maybe after a few different things you're trying, when you realize you can take whatever it is your pushing inside your ass until you wanna keep pushing it and pushing it to see how much you can take?

I tried a banana, didn't really work. Then I found out that my virgin ass needed to take a peeler to a cucumber of a squash or something cock shaped and widdle it down until I could fit it in. Then I started with odd things around the house and put condoms on them and lubed myself with conditioner, or baby oil in the shower. I remember that first time I came so insanely fucking hard I was scared I would never be as turned on by a woman again.

My name is Mike and I'm a decent looking guy, or so people tell me. I'm 6 feet tall, 170lbs, brown hair and green/blue eyes. Oh, and (this is all true by the way) I have about a 7 inch cock that is honestly about two inches thick, maybe 7 and a half and a little more than two inches when I'm really turned on. What turns me on the most you ask?

I have been watching Shemale porn, or Tranny porn, or whatever you wanna call it for years now. It started when I was about 18 or so; I was looking at some awful site, and stumbled upon a link by accident. I say "awful" because thanks to the people that run this site it makes all the other free porn sites in the past look like awful shit. And I get to see all these incredible fucking Shemales fucking and sucking a nice fat cock, and getting sucked too! And honestly, that's what my biggest deepest darkest secret fantasy has been for a little over two years now.) I guess I was one of those guys that didn't want to admit to myself that cock and ass turn me on the way they do.

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