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Getting paid for the first time.

- night of March 11th to 12th 2019 : I seduced an islamist guy,I gave him a sign to follow me,I went behind a concrete block,he followed me.
He seemed little perplexed then I approached him and asked him what time is it,then he started talking about sins and repentance,I just replyed by "hhe..heee (yes , yes)
" then I turned my back to him and pushed my ass agains his belly,he stopped talking and started touching my ass.He pulled his dick,and that was the most beautiful dick
I've ever met: big,thick,shaved,juicy and hard... 18cm x 5 cm... did a short handjob and sucked hard it like a pig,that was really good,I deepthroated it
lick it,i was mad!
I felt his dick throbing and getting incredibly hard,when he asked me if I accept a fuck,I told him "no",but he kept asking me,and told he just wanna rub it against
my ass,I accept,but once his dickhead touched my anus,he couldn't resist,and penetrated me with no saliva,deeper and deeper he was moaning and breathing like a bull,and creampied
inside bareback.He left me without saying a word.

- half an hour after the islamist guy,I saw the drunk man og february 15 2019 waiting to be sucked by a faggot,I gave him a sign by my eyes and I went behind a concrete block,he came and pulled his dick (he simply left the other faggot)
I smelled the odor of alcohol and told him , I'll just do handjob,he told "blowjob please !!!" I replied "how much you're gonna pay me for blowjob ?"then he told me the price and swear he'll pay.
I started doing MY DUTY as good as possible,when he started moaning I knew he liked it,and creampied inside my mouth (but I didn't swallow cause i dont like alcohol),he paied me and left.e and left.

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