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Getting dressed one second, cum dripping from my thong the next.

So, I was going to write a cute little story of how excited I was to see my friend tonight. We hung out last week and didn't do much, but cuddle. But, ever since that night I have been craving a hard cock inside me. All I've thought about is sucking his dick until his cum is running down my throat and getting bent over while he fucks my little asshole. Like, just writing this makes me horny, even though I'm mad at him now, lol.

But, he decided not to come out tonight. I already took a bath, shaved, got my cute dress on and everything. My panties were wet almost as soon as I slid my butt plug inside my ass. I wanted him to pull it out of me while I was feasting on his cock and the thought of that just drives me wild. But, now I don't get any dick, my panties are dripping wet and I look cute as fuck. And, I'm home alone.

SO, what do I do? I watch porn. Bad idea. Now, I want it so bad it almost hurts. And, I just went down stairs to get something to drink, and on my way back up I had an orgasm from the plug in my ass. I had to stop on the stairs as I was orgasming. I could feel the cum filling my cute little pink thong and start running down my leg. As soon as I could walk again I laid down in my bed and rubbed on my soaking panties only to find out I came quite a bit. So, I slid my plug out of my ass and used my cum to finger my ass.

I swear, I might have a problem, haha. Get me in a cute dress and panties and I feel sexy as fuck. I ended up putting on a cute bikini and took a hot bath. Naturally, I didn't need the bikini, but I wanted to take some cute pics to show my friend what he could be balls deep in. And, I got some cute pics to maybe post on here. I'm still craving dick so bad it's unreal, but I'm probably going to take some more cute pics and maybe a video to post on here. Well, not maybe. It's happening. Mmmmph.

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