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Garage fun

It was the beginning of the third hour of her time in his garage. Bound to the work table that was the perfect size and height for her head to be over one end and her ass the other just perfect for a cock to enter either entrance.
The only way she knew how long she had actually been there was by looking up at the clock on the wall, she suspected that he arranged it that way just to add to her torment.
As she laid there she began to think back to the beginning of this day. She had chatted with him for a week, telling him of her desires and how watching his videos and looking at his pictures would make her so wet, her cock leaking all over her until she had to relieve herself. She jumped at his invitation to visit him and actually fulfill those desires of hers hidden deep in her mind.
She found herself getting hard during the drive to his house and even now standing at his front door getting ready to knock, trembling with excitement, nervousness and anticipation she could feel herself actually leaking.
He answered the door, stepped aside letting her in. Then he shut, locked the door and took her by her shoulders pressing her against the wall. He pressed against her his mouth next to her ear, “Welcome my sweet”, he whispered in her ear as his right hand went up under her skirt. She was embarrassed that he could actually feel her hard and wetness and when he looked into his eyes she could see that he knew she was his to use.
Smiling he stepped away from her telling her to stay there until he sat in his chair, then she was to walk over to him and begin a slow strip tease in front of him down to her bra, panties, hose and garter. She had never danced for anyone before but she was going to try her best as she wanted to please him already even after just meeting.
She could feel his hands gliding over her body as she did her best to rotate her hips and removed her clothes. She was beet red but the lust in her body had taken over especially when she felt his hands running up and down her legs.

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