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As he stood in front of me, one hand stroking a very big cock as I looked quietly, kneeling in front of him. Being a crossdresser had its perks but, I was a straight man, how could I have put myself in this situation!? I love women, but I also liked dressing like them to, and going to a gay bar probably wasn't the best decision I had made.Yet as I watched these horny hunks drool over me when I walked in, I can't say the attention I got wasn't a turn on! I hadn't meant any harm when Riley offered me a drink and as we talked he kept complimenting my beauty. I didn't mean anything as we continued to drink, and he asked me if he could fuck me? I had to admit, as blunt and absurd the question was, I had to respect his honesty and the fact that he gave me sneek peek of his thick and long "3rd leg", I had to say, I was a little curious. I will chalk it up to my feminine wilds catching up to me! We got to his place in no time and after a quick tour, and a couple of glasses of wine, I was not just tipsy, my hormones were on fire! So did I mind as Riley pulled me close to him and kissed me? And did I object as his hand slid under my dress and in between my legs? My heart raced as he pushed his tongue into my mouth and his hand began to massage my aching pecker/clitty, and I let out a small but understanding moan to show my approval. It was at this point that he got up from the sofa, and pulled me up with him. He pulled his clothes off, his eyes never leaving mine as he stood naked in front of me. "On your knees" he whispered as I knelt slowly in front of him and came face to face with the biggest cock my eyes had ever seen! He looked down at me as a smile spread across his face. "You like what you see his voice thick and deep when he spoke, you want to touch my cock"? He rubbed it in front of me as I reached out and grabbed a hold of it. He closed his eyes as I began pumping it in my hand as I noticed the pre-come oozing from the head.

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