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Fooled Into Love by a Beautiful Transexual

I don’t know Maria, He’s pretty strict! He won’t be happy!

Well then I guess I’ll just have to suck him off then… she paused, staring intently into my eyes… and bring you home a big warm bubbly load of fresh jizz.. Let that sexy fresh cum ooze out my mouth and dribble all over these hot little titties! You’ll be a good Daddy and lick it all up... wont you Daddy??

Holy Fuck Maria! You’re crazy!

She laughed and kissed the fight out of me again, pinning me down by the wrists as she devoured me with her Love…

While I’m bringing my boxes over here, why don’t you get those sheets of plywood I saw out of the garage and get to work on a nice glory hole to entertain us down in the basement.

She grabbed her cellphone, thumbing thru her camera roll to show me all the big juicy cocks she’d been playing with over the past couple years… I can’t wait to fuck your hot Daddy ass and watch you gag on big cocks through a hot little hole in the wall. Your sex life as you now know it is OVER! Your sex life is MY sex life now you sexy motherfucker!

Now go get us some fucking tacos, and then get that hot little ass of yours to work!

Yesssss Maria!

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