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Fooled Into Love by a Beautiful Transexual

Hell yeah! How ‘bout tacos?


Did this 23 yr. old sexbomb just ask this 41 yr. old man out on a date? Relax big boy.. I laughed to myself, …she’s just hungry…. Oh boy, I had no idea how hungry she was!

Let me grab my keys & wallet, car’s unlocked, I’ll be right out, I said with a happy smile, pointing to the open side door on the garage, and the Jeep inside.

Well alright Ken… giving me an obvious and aggressive eyeball up and down again.

I returned from the duplex and hopped into the Jeep, slipping the keys into the ignition, when she reached out and slid her hand up my arm, stopping at my wrist…

Hold on there big boy, I think there’s plenty to eat right here in this Jeep! …Her hand released my wrist, dropping to my lap, as she leaned over, locking her luscious lips to my neck while fondling my quickly stiffening cock, tracing the outline of my erection through the fabric of my adidas.

My! Aren’t you an aggressive little one! I nervously swallowed.

Oh come on Ken, who’s the aggressive one here? You think I didn’t see you peeking through your blinds for 20 minutes while I unpacked my car? Hmmmmm? She said as she tugged down my track pants down mid thigh & pulling up my t-shirt, freeing my 8 in uncut cock with a slap to the belly in full erection.

Daaaayum girl!! Not even a kiss first?

Oh you want a kiss? …She sunk her head down to my lap, Swirling her tongue, lapping a big dollop of precum from my dribbling cock, then raised back up, grabbed me by the chin, and kissed the ever loving fuck out of me!

How’s that for a kiss? Did you like it baby?

Oh God Maria! I… I.. never tasted myself before… I said, smacking my tongue, the slippery salty flavor of precum still lingering in my mouth.

Oh yeah? Well you better get use to that taste!


Oh you thought you were gonna come over next-door, anytime you wanted and get some pussy? …She said, as she fumbled with her jeans, shucking them down her thighs… I think I’LL be coming over anytime I WANT to get me some of that sexy ASS!

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