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Fooled Into Love by a Beautiful Transexual

A fictional, steamy love story about a Man’s first experience with a Shemale... a real take charge kinda girl!

Maria Lopez was an absolutely stunning 23 yr old Puerto Rican Goddess. I remember the first time I laid eyes on her, bent over inside her hatchback Toyota, pulling out a hanging fern plant to carry inside the duplex. My duplex! This stunning little thang was going to be my new neighbor? Holy Crap!! Damn! Look at that ass! She wore tight jeans, knee high suede leather, high heeled boots, a thin white top, and a sexy blue knit, button up sweater. She had beautiful black hair down past her shoulders, and the face of an angel. Absolutely stunning! Having just got home from work, showered, sitting on the couch in a t-shirt and adidas track pants, peeking through the blinds as this beautiful creature carried in the last few boxes from her car, I sure was happy I was on vacation the next two weeks, and could go to work on this stunning woman. I decided I would go introduce myself, and see how we hit it off. I didn’t want to come on to fast and creep her out, so I just planned on greeting her, and offering a helping hand. I walked out onto the back porch, around the partition, and rang her back doorbell. She opened the door with a warm smile, and I extended my hand to greet her.

Hi there! I’m Ken, I um.. I live next door. I just wanted to welcome you to the neighborhood.

She softly accepted my handshake and came out onto the deck, peeking around the partition at my back door… Oh right here? Well what a quaint little neighborhood… she laughed… My name’s Maria! It’s great to meet you! …eyeing me up and down a bit.

Do you need a hand with anything? I’d be happy to help?

Oh no sweetheart, placing her warm, well manicured hand flat against my chest in a friendly gesture… I just carried in the last of it from my car. The movers left 3 hrs ago with the truck. I’ll tell you what you can do!

What’s that?

Everything’s packed away in so many boxes, and I haven’t been to the grocery store yet. Can we grab a bite somewhere?

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