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Florida TG Experience

I had known Jan from High School, we always had an attraction for each other but were dating someone else or married at the time. Jan had actually married a friend of mine and I was envious of course. She at that time had sandy blonde hair, and a body to die for. One evening we had them over for drinks and a pool party. We dared the girls to skinny dip in the moonlight, and after 20 minutes of coaxing the girls lost their tops. Oh my god was she stacked. Brenda my live-in girlfriend was built nice but just didn’t have the complete package Jan had. Bryan, her husband, threw his trunks on the decking and dived under exposing his butt. I followed and did the same, and here we were nude in our swimming pool with friends. We were maybe too young so we only held our own partners. Still seeing her naked stuck in my mind for years. Jan and Bryan divorced because he was running around on her with someone from his office. I never judge, because we all have our private issues and that’s for them to work out. Not long after that Brenda had left and found someone else. Jan called me one day and wanted to play tennis. I obliged, we chatted more about relationships than anything else and took a drive to where I was going to build a house. Naïve me, as I look back Jan may have been trying to start a relationship with me.
She moved out to California, and I heard she married some guy from a Persian country, and we lost touch. About 20 years have passed , I had just moved to Florida with my job around Ft Lauderdale, and I found Jan’s profile working in Real Estate in the Miami area. I am 48 and Jan is about 4 years younger. We chatted on messenger for about a week and decided to meet for dinner and drinks. We finalized a place and where to meet for the Friday. For the next few days I was excited and looked forward to our meeting and reminiscing.
I arrived at the place we were to meet maybe a little early, I bought a drink at the outside bar and waiting. I heard my name being called from across the street and walking in my direction was the same girl from before she was just as beautiful and shapely.

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