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First TS sex

I think I was near my 35Th birthday and, believe it or not I had never had experience with a transsexual. I had plenty adventures with men and liked it very much as well as with women. Decidedly I was completely bi.

As I wrote in previous stories, I’m writing about near 30 years ago. It was not as common as today, no way thinking to come out of the closet.

I was working with a engineering group, developing housing projects and our working hours were far from normal. I was preparing a presentation for our customers and stayed specially long in the office. I came out from the underground parking near 11 PM. The street wasn’t to well illuminated. Arriving to the first corner I saw a tall girl standing there, dressed in a extreme short mini skirt and a top, with most of her beautiful boobs showing. I gave her a good luck and she made me a gesture indicating me to stop, but I continued. When I arrived home I was already regretting my stupid decision, but didn’t return. Had a quick dinner, took a shower and went in bed, were I wanked thinking off the beautiful stranger.

Next afternoon, when everybody started leaving the office, I told my boss I would stay a little bit longer, to complete my work.

I really worked on the presentation but my thoughts were somewhere else. Around 10 I left. When I came out I saw her standing at the same place, so I pulled slowly next to her and let the window down. She obviously recognized me, because she told me “Today you’re not afraid of me? Will we go somewhere or will you stay here looking?” If I had any doubt, her deep voice told me what she was. Finally I made up my mind, released the lock and she entered the car. I drove away, looking for not to busy streets. She asked me were we were going. In the meantime she was touching my legs and had already caused a proper erection. “I see you know what you like...wait until I have it in my mouth” Before leaving the office, I took with me the keys to our guest flat, as I knew that nobody was using it that day. I proposed to go to a very quiet place to have some drink and fun and of course she agreed.

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